Life Before Neurofeedback was a Daily Struggle

As a Marine Corp veteran who was seriously injured in Iraq, life had become a daily struggle; an endless array of sleepless nights and daily pain led me to believe this was going to be my life. A friend recommend Brevard Brain Training and I am glad they did.

Dr. Steve explained Neurofeedback and how it was helping many veterans regain their lives after being exposed to the traumas of war and the after effects of PTSD. He then went on to explain how chiropractic helped the body function better. I was very impressed and signed up for a plan of care which involved Neurofeedback and corrective chiropractic care.

Now half way through my training I have experienced tremendous results. Working with Dr. Steve included a 19-point qEEG brain map which showed where my brain was functioning well and where it was not. We found the right protocol and today I am sleeping better, experiencing less pain, and feel like my future is unlimited. I am experiencing less anxiety and decreased panic attacks. What I find to be truly amazing is that I am dreaming again, something which I had not done for years.

I highly recommend Brevard Brain Training and for the best results combining it with a corrective course of chiropractic care.

Daniel Nicholson