brain-mapA Brain Map is way of determining how well your brainwaves are functioning. Are they too strong or too weak, too fast, or too slow? Are they in harmony with themselves or are they erratic and out of balance? Do they transition smoothly from one area to the next? How your brainwaves act, their timing, strength, and communication create who you are as a person and are responsible for every aspect of your life including your emotional and physical health. Understanding this makes it simple to see how neurofeedback can be beneficial to all aspects of your life even if you are using it for peak performance.

A brain map gives us a way to actually see how well your brainwave activity is performing and how well it is functioning when compared to people your same age and sex.  If it is out of balance the brain map shows where and provides procedures and sensor placement to provide a personalized training plan for the client. This intent of the plan will always be to shift (invite) the brain to move towards a more normalized state using neurofeedback as the learning platform. Over time and with proper training, the symptom(s) naturally disappear or greatly reduce as may their need for medications.

Below is a list of some of the more common symptoms associated with brainwave dysregulation which have successfully been treated with neurofeedback. Neurofeedback works by removing the cause of the symptom/ Think about it. If you retrain the brain to hold the new frequency as normal you are removing the cause of the symptom thus, there will no longer be a symptom.

Symptoms of Brain Dysregulation Which Have Been Helped By Neurofeedback Include:

Anxiety Depression Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain Issues Addiction OCD / Tics
Insomnia Migraines PTSD
Fibromyalgia Tension Headaches Headaches
Hyperactivity Memory Loss Autism Spectrum
Concentration Post-Stroke Recovery Traumatic Brain Injury
Focus Issues Anxiety Disorders Attention Deficit Disorders
Anger Issues Panic Attacks Seizures

Once completed your brain map is electronically compared to a data base of several hundreds of thousands of non-symptomatic brains of people your same age and sex. This provides the most accurate comparisons and the most accurate protocols for training.  We utilize New Mind Technologies Brain Mapping Software and offer New Mind or Cygnet Training Systems. Dr. Steve will review your brain map with you and discuss your training options if you choose to do so. Dr. Steve has been involved with neurofeedback since 2007. Once the map is done, there is no obligation to proceed any further.

The cost of the initial map is $300. Please note the industry standard for this test is $700.

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** No part of neurofeedback is covered by insurance**