10437312_10203999474929196_134827946_nDr. Steve Cagen Explains Next Level Wellness and How a Combination of Brain Training, Chiropractic, Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching, and Nutritional Counseling are helping his clients recover from past traumas and into joyous living.

A new approach to healthcare, Next Level Wellness provides a systematic approach of drug-free methods and techniques designed to help our clients become a better expression of themselves. Using modern science, universal principles, and hands on bodywork we help our clients overcome past traumas and events which are holding them back from enjoying a life of good health and joyous living.

Next Level focuses on the brain/body experience and guides our clients toward their goal of achieving increased function instead of symptomatic relief. While our goal in the beginning is to get our clients out of immediate crisis the ultimate goal is to educate them on and get them involved in living a wellness lifestyle.

Good health is not one thing; it is the combination of many things working together harmoniously to create a well-balanced inside and outside. Today’s modern medicine still treats the human body as individual parts never realizing the delicate balance each individual part plays on the whole or educating about the brain body connection.

Next Level Wellness uses a series of wellness modalities in combination with wellness coaching and training classes to help our clients become a better expression of who they are; safely and naturally.

Innovative and personalized brain training technology combined with spinal retraining and lifestyle coaching that will change the way you feel, function, and perform.

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